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About Me (more personal)

My name is Rachel Rivera and I have just graduated from the University of Southern Maine with a BM in voice performance.  I took a gap year where I went to Vienna, Austria for twelve weeks at the end of August 2019 to take an intensive language course with 35 lessons per week in German! Along with the language intensive, I took voice lessons at the Vienna Conservatory each week. 

 If it is not already obvious, I do love to sing! But, along with being a musician, I also love horseback riding, going on nature walks with my dogs, hiking, swimming, exploring, and photography--all of which I do in my free time when I am not practicing, or in class. I am also a huge animal lover, and I have three birds; Charlie, Allie, and Lily, two dogs; Daisy and Ruby, and I have been leasing a horse for five years named Track. 

I currently work as a special education ed tech and music teacher at an elementary school, and before that, I was a waitress at the Tuscan Brick Oven Bistro in Freeport, Maine. I do some pet sitting on the side, as well as being a portrait photographer for senior portraits/work headshots. Along with taking pictures, I enjoy modeling and have done some freelance work with photographers over the past few years. 

I love getting to sing on stage and performing. The feeling of the warm stage lights gives me such a thrill, and I experience a sense of bliss whenever I am in front of an audience. 

One dream that I have always had is getting to be in an animated film by either Disney or DreamWorks! I would love to sing as a Disney Princess or be a voice actress for a children's movie.

Along with being in operas, I also enjoy singing in Christmas services, weddings, and charitable events. Singing in any form is what I live for, and I would love to sing at one of your events.

For the healing/spiritual side of my music, please check out my other website: 

Photography by Sokhean Jonathan Ouk

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